17 years with the company. Great opportunity to be working with the industry best and able to bring great furniture available worldwide. It is such an honor to be associate with so many talented people inside and outside of the company. In the year of 2020 with so much of uncertainty, our company had invested more on people development and leadership program to bring extraordinary value to our communities.  

ESF is a brand name that we are proud of. We are growing and we want to be in business for a good long time. The test of our sincerity and effort will be if everything we offer is sellable, multifunctional where possible, long lasting, beautiful and good quality We’re not yet entirely there.  

The team that I have built over the years are the one that I could be proud off, the customer that know me have been supporting whether in good or bad time and the furniture industry is an exciting business. Asia and Malaysia are the hub of producing good quality furniture supplying worldwide is another source of inspiration. 

We have been applying this approach ADAPT > INNOVATE > TRANSFORM where we have over the years created great product from eco-friendly to smart, functional to space optimization and useful to must have. We hope anyone could able to be part of our success journey.      
We just established our Now + 5 Years tagline that bring everyone together under 1 common understanding.